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24-1-2012 (Tue. 年初二) 尖沙咀海洋中心

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歡 迎 瀏 覽 本 人 阮 國 基 網 址  ~無言感激 紫釵恨~

My recorded Video: Around 10:55am 25-3-2012 Sun. at HKU (speaking in Chinese-Cantonese)

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  May always prosperous Under the Lion Rock

On 29-9-2011 (Thu.)



於《青衣城》賀新年   Celebrating Lunar new year in Maritime Square
On 25-1-2012 (Wed.)

3/2012 參與「全民投票」   Join to the Pop-vote in 3/2012
In Tsuen Wan

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      深願:港府在施政上,非但是將推出、且應要更大量地 復建《居屋》! 使眾草根階層也得私樓物業外,亦給一種較環保、較善用土地資源的居住模式得以推廣,真正地福惠香江土地上、及至全球的下一代人類。

      At present persistent upraise of prices of domestic residential properties, while contrarily most companies of real estates just incline to build high-class mansions which indiscriminately impose residents' clubhouses, private swimming pools & hanging gardens at there.
      Be deeply hoped in the coming HKSAR governmental execution, not only be come true but further larger-scale implemented for re-constructing Home Ownership Scheme's flats! Hence, beside offering grassroots with more private housings, a greener residing mode with optimized in land use be enabled for propagation, to genuinely better our next generation in this Hong Kong, & even the globe.

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