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I am actually, an endorser to be enrolled on organ donation & marrow match donation.

器官捐贈  Organ donation
Organ donation

眼角膜、和腎臟是較常可用作死後捐贈器官 (如無嚴重傳染病)。其他如肝、心、肺、皮膚等。
Cornea and kidney are 2 kinds of organs more common for transplant after death of donor (whom has no severe epidemic). Others just like liver, heart, lung(s), epidermis & etc..

衛生署 - 器官捐贈       D. of Health: Organ Donation---New life to Others

骨髓捐贈  Marrow match donation
Marrow match donation

骨髓捐贈、可在捐贈者仍在生時進行。在華人種族:此骨髓 '符合' 機會率約一萬分之一。
Marrow match donation can be taken place when the donor is still alive. For Caucasian (white) ethnic, the probability for genetic marrow "match" (fit-in) is about 1/40,000.

香港紅十字會 - 骨髓捐贈       Hong Kong Red Cross - Bone Marrow Donation

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